Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory Dwelling Units
Kingswood Engineers specializes in the creation of accessory dwelling apartments which are functional, efficient and code compliant.

As Ontario continues to struggle with housing affordability, the creation of accessory dwelling units can offer additional housing units and intensification without requiring the development of new land. Whether you’re a homeowner, developer or investor, an accessory dwelling unit might be of interest to create a self contained rental apartment within your home.

These accessory dwelling units are often located in an unused basement space, but can also be located in a loft area (such as above a garage or in an attic) or may be a separate space altogether, such as in an accessory building or new addition.

Kingswood Engineers specialize in the creation of legal accessory dwelling units that meet or exceed the requirements of local municipality guidelines. Each municipality has its own requirements for an accessory apartment and it is important to work with a professional team which has the experience and track record of delivering a legal housing unit.

Kingswood’s engineering and architectural design team considers all factors in the creation of your accessory dwelling unit, such as HVAC design, acoustic insulation, fire code, structural design and architectural appeal to deliver a high-value, desirable apartment.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to create a separate space for a family member, a developer considering the inclusion of a rental unit / nanny-suite / in-law suite, or you’re an investor looking to create an income suite to generate cash flow, our team has created legal accessory dwelling units across Ontario. Kingswood has the capability and know-how to create an exceptional accessory dwelling unit that best utilizes your space, provides a safe and efficient living environment and maximizes real estate value.

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