Foundations, Helical Pile And Truss Design

Foundations, Helical Pile & Truss Design
With experience drawing from industrial tower design, our engineers have the capability to design vertical pile and poured-concrete foundations.

At Kingswood Engineers, we specialize in residential engineering and architectural design. Whether you’re building up, building out or changing the functionality or use of your home, it's important to ensure the structural components are suitable to support your project. Our team has the top to bottom, roof to foundation, experience to provide the engineering and architectural design support your project needs.

As part of our full-service residential engineering offering, our team designs all types of foundations, including poured concrete foundations – simple or rebar reinforced – as well as helical pile foundations. We will review the required load parameters, local building codes and proposed use to design a suitable foundation for your project.

Helical piles are a specific specialty for Kingswood Engineers and are often a cost-effective, relatively quick-installation solution for structures including decks, accessory structures or sheds, as well as single-storey new build homes or additions to existing residences.

Furthermore, our team can design framing and roofing systems that can enhance the structural rigidity, interior volume or overall aesthetic of your home. If you’re looking to finish an attic space, expose ceiling beams, create a covered porch, or are looking to build an addition or new home, Kingswood’s team has the experience to deliver a customized roof truss solution that matches your requirements.

Our engineers have a deep structural design experience and are ready to tackle your next project.

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Our team is ready to take on your next project. We love seeing a plan come together and would be happy to discuss your residential engineering design requirements.