Load Bearing Wall Removal

Load Bearing Wall Removal
Looking to open up your space? Let our team determine the most efficient way to remove a load bearing wall and maximize the utility of your space.

Looking to open up a room, create a pass-through or join two separate rooms together? Removal of a load bearing wall can offer one of the most dramatic and practical transformations to an existing space, allowing for more natural light, more floor space and increased utility and furniture placement. This is an excellent way to add significant value to a home and can generate a more modern, open-concept aesthetic in older homes with segmented floor plans with closed-off rooms.

Kingswood Engineers prides itself as being a full-service, value added residential real estate specialist and we provide both the engineering and architectural know-how to take down any wall and transform your space into something exceptional. Kingswood’s team will generate architectural layouts, deliver structural analysis and beam selection as well as acquire the required municipal permits to open up your residential space.

Our team of engineers are qualified to analyze your existing structure, calculate the specific loads supported by the existing structure and select an appropriate beam that can safely distribute the loads of the house structure. This analysis can only be performed by qualified and certified engineering service provider like Kingswood Engineers. Our analysis will provide your contractor with clear instructions and required materials to safely remove your existing wall and open-up your residential space.

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Our team is ready to take on your next project. We love seeing a plan come together and would be happy to discuss your residential engineering design requirements.