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How to Check The Status of Your Building Permit?

Understanding Building Permits in Ontario

A building permit is a necessary document that must be obtained before any new construction, renovation, or alteration project can begin. This document is vital in ensuring that all construction projects comply with local building codes, zoning laws, and safety standards. The importance of obtaining a permit lies in its ability to guarantee the structural integrity of the building, ensure fire safety, and promote the efficient use of land. If you would like a guide on what requires a building permit and what can be done without one, read our permit applications guide.

The Ten Largest Municipalities in Ontario: A Snapshots

Obtaining a building permit in Ontario can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially considering the differences in requirements across different municipalities. This guide has been designed to provide comprehensive information on how to check the status of permits in the ten largest cities in Ontario. Whether you’re working on a small renovation or a large-scale construction project, this guide aims to simplify the process and provide you with the necessary information to help you navigate the permit process with ease.

  • 1. Toronto In Toronto, use the Building Application Status website provided by the City of Toronto to track your permit’s progress. Check Toronto’s Building Permit Status.
  • 2. Ottawa Ottawa’s Building Permits page on the City of Ottawa’s website offers information and contact details for permit-related queries. Ottawa Building Permits.
  • 3. Mississauga Mississauga provides a Building Permit Application Status page, allowing you to check the status of permits. Mississauga Building Permit Application Status.
  • 4. Brampton Brampton’s official website provides information on building permits but does not offer a specific online status check link. For detailed information, contact their Planning, Building and Growth Management department. Brampton Building Permits.
  • 5. Hamilton Hamilton offers an ePlans portal where you can apply, check your status, and pay for your permit online. Hamilton ePlans Portal and Apply for a Building Permit Online with ePLANS.
  • 6. London In London, Ontario, visit the City’s Building Permits page for information on permits. A direct link for online status checks of building permits was not explicitly available. London Building Permits.
  • 7. Markham Markham’s website offers a comprehensive section on building permits, outlining the process from planning to application and inspection. A direct link for online status checks was not available. Markham Building Permits.
  • 8. Vaughan Vaughan’s website provides detailed information on permits, including the application process and requirements. A specific link for status checks was not identifiable. For more information, explore the resources available on the Building Permits section of the Vaughan website.
  • 9. Kitchener For Kitchener, the search for a direct link for permit status checks yielded no specific results. It’s recommended to visit the City of Kitchener’s official website or contact their building department for permit-related inquiries.
  • 10. Burlington In Burlington, checking permit status will require a direct visit to the City of Burlington’s official website or contacting their building department for specific information.

The Starting Point for Your Renovation

Building Permit Processes Across Municipalities

While the core principles of safety, compliance, and adherence to local codes are consistent, each municipality may have different application processes, fees, and timelines. For instance, Toronto’s online permit system offers a streamlined approach, whereas smaller municipalities might require in-person submissions.

Toronto and Ottawa: Digital Platforms for Efficiency

Both Toronto and Ottawa offer robust online systems where applicants can submit documents, track application status, and receive updates.

Mississauga and Brampton: Emphasis on Residential and Commercial Developments

These rapidly growing cities have specific guidelines for residential and commercial projects, focusing on sustainable and efficient land use.

Hamilton and London: Heritage and Conservation Considerations

In cities like Hamilton and London, where heritage properties are prevalent, additional considerations and approvals might be necessary.

Markham, Vaughan, Kitchener, and Windsor: Diverse Needs, Unique Approaches

These municipalities cater to a mix of urban and suburban developments, each requiring a tailored approach to permits.

Kingswood Engineers Ltd: Your Partner in Navigating Building Permits

Kingswood Engineers Ltd specializes in providing expert guidance through the permit process. Our services include:

  • Consultation and Pre-Application Advice: Understand the specific requirements of each municipality and offer tailored advice.
  • Documentation and Submission Assistance: Preparing and submitting all necessary documents on behalf of clients.
  • Liaison with Municipal Authorities: Acting as a bridge between clients and municipal authorities to ensure smooth processing.
  • Compliance and Inspection Readiness: Ensuring that all projects comply with local codes and are ready for any inspections.


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Whether you’re planning a small renovation in Oakville or a major development in Toronto, understanding the permit process is key to a successful project. The construction industry in Ontario, Canada, has specific regulations and guidelines that need to be followed to ensure compliance, safety, and efficiency in every step of the construction process.

At Kingswood Engineers Ltd, we recognize the importance of navigating the permit process effectively. With our extensive experience and expertise in engineering and construction services, we are committed to guiding you through every stage of your project, from initial planning to final inspections.

Our team of professionals understands the local building codes and regulations in Burlington, Hamilton, and across Ontario. We will work closely with you to develop comprehensive engineering plans and ensure that all necessary permits are obtained prior to commencing any construction work. By adhering to the required permits and regulations, we can help you avoid costly delays and potential legal issues that may arise during your construction project.

When you choose Kingswood Engineers Ltd as your trusted partner, you can rely on our dedication to providing high-quality engineering and construction services. Our goal is to ensure that your project is completed efficiently and safely, while meeting all the necessary building codes and regulations.

Contact us today for more information or assistance with your engineering and construction needs. Kingswood Engineers Ltd is here to support you throughout the entire process, ensuring a successful and hassle-free project in Markham, Toronto, and beyond.

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