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We provide both the engineering and architectural know-how to create a code compliant secondary suite that will add value and keep you safe.

Kingswood Engineers Ltd. specializes in the creation of accessory dwelling apartments which are functional, efficient and code compliant.

Permit Packages starting at $3200.

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Kingswood’s engineering and architectural design team considers all factors in the creation of your accessory dwelling unit, such as HVAC design, acoustic insulation, fire code, structural design and architectural appeal to deliver a high-value, desirable apartment.

Each municipality has its own requirements for an accessory apartment and it is important to work with a professional team which has the experience and track record of delivering a legal housing unit.

A structural engineering firm such as Kingswood Engineers will provide drawings and will assist in obtaining permit approval for your secondary suite project.

Frequently asked questions

An ADU, commonly known as a “second unit” or “garden suite”, represents a fantastic opportunity for homeowners. It’s a self-contained living area either within an existing house or on the same property. Whether it’s a basement apartment, an in-law suite, or a loft space, at Kingswood Engineers Ltd., we offer top-notch building permits and legalization services to ensure your ADU meets all provincial and municipal requirements.

Absolutely! Ontario’s Building Code has evolved, now allowing homeowners to establish a second unit with more flexible retrofit requirements. However, it’s paramount that the entire property, inclusive of the ADU, satisfies the fire safety norms and other stipulations. This is where our expertise comes into play, ensuring your project’s seamless compliance.

The Ontario Planning Act mandates municipalities to permit second units in various types of residences, such as detached, semi-detached, and row houses. Although they can stipulate standards on factors like size and parking, they can’t outright prevent the establishment of an ADU. Looking to navigate these standards? Our team at Kingswood Engineers Ltd. stands ready to assist.

Part 11 of the Ontario Building Code offers “Compliance Alternatives” designed to provide more flexibility while still ensuring safety. When it comes to fire separation, the Code might allow certain trade-offs if, for instance, a fire alarm system is integrated or if additional escape routes are provided. As for ceiling height, while the standard mandates a specific minimum height, there may be exceptions under Part 11 for older buildings where achieving this height is impractical. It’s essential to consult with experts, like our team at Kingswood Engineers Ltd., to navigate these alternatives and find solutions that both meet code requirements and achieve your ADU goals.

  1. Parking: Does your property have a second parking spot to accommodate the ADU residents?
  2. Headroom: If your ADU is in the basement, ensure there’s a minimum of 77″ of headroom to meet safety and comfort standards.
  3. Compliance with local by-laws: Always verify any specific regulations and requirements in your municipality.

Engaging with a reputable firm, like Kingswood Engineers Ltd., can help streamline the process, ensuring all criteria are met and your ADU project progresses smoothly.

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